Re: TeX and Afterstep Revisited
Thu, 3 Aug 2000 08:37:07 -0500 (EST)

Patrick Brewer previously wrote:

>Boy, mention TeX and/or Xemacs and you get interesting responses. :)


>Yeah, I realize now that my question about using AS for TeX sounded
>bizarre. The reason is that I left out some context.

Ahhh. And important context that was...

>To tex a document, I could click the TeX icon on the dock, which would

This sounds a lot like TexTures on the Mac.

>When I said that I wanted to use AS as my TeX front end, what I meant was
>that I wanted to put a button on the wharf that behaved like the button on
>my Openstep dock. That's why I've been interested in what language the
>wharf config file is written in.

Hmmm.  I don't think you could do an "application", per-se.  But it should
be easy enough to (say with the asButtons app) bind a button click to a
script that does this for you.  Tcl has a nice built-in file
browser widget.  I'm sure there are others as well.  Best of Luck!

>BTW, the big reason I chose AS is that it's small and fast. And that's the
>same reason I'm not fond of Xemacs. It's huge. Its like using a sledge
>hammer to open a peanut. 

My exact reasons on both accounts as well!
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