Re: Pointer Warping Patch
Thu, 3 Aug 2000 10:08:18 -0500

Ok, the patch itself is good enough and perfectly valid, except for few

1) it completely disables command F_MOVECURSOR which is the usefull feature
of AS,
and basically allows for mouse pointer movement using the keyboard.

2) instead of disabling warping on changed focus ( functions.c:1189 ) you
may want to try
and set XZap 0 and YZap 0 in your feel file.

3) I think that we should not disable pointer warping while moving windows,
since it is not
used during normal operation, and may cripple window moving functionality.

4) same thing is realted to disabling pointer warping on menu open/close,
but here I'm
open to discussion, and we may want to either use XZap/YZap there or come
up with
additional config parameter to govern it. (menus.c:202)

5) disable pointer warping on viewport movement is a BadThing (tm)  since
it will cause
endless viewport movement untill the end of the desk is reached. Again that
could be a
subject of discussion. (pager.c:558)

6) I'm not sure about add_window change - that needs some looking into.
Frankly I don't
understand why this code is in add_window() at all :). I'll investigate.

Now all that criticizm may sound like the patch has no sence at all, but it
is a wrong impression.
AfterStep is a complicated beast, and we all have to start somewhere. My
own first steps in
AS hacking were about the same. So I'm sincerely hoping that this first
steps of yours will not be
your last steps, and expecting more patches/suggestions coming in :)

Thanks for your interest and help

>Hi all
>A while back I asked if there was a way of turning off
>pointer warping, so that eg. several icons could be de-iconified,
>or several windows in the window list could be raised.
>I enclose a patch to do this.
>It changes the behaviour of moving between pages, but for me
>this is a small price to pay.
>Hope this is useful,
>ps.  Sasha, Sorry I didn't do a better job on '',
>I don't understand this auto-configure stuff yet.
Gerard McGlew

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