Re: TeX and Afterstep Revisited

Doug Alcorn (
03 Aug 2000 11:56:22 -0400

Patrick Brewer <> writes:

> To tex a document, I could click the TeX icon on the dock, which would
> call up a minature file manager. Then I'd select a document and it would
> be TeXed and the corresponding dvi file displayed instantly. It I edited
> the tex document, I could simply save it then click on the dvi file and
> press alt-t and it would reTeX it. To print, press alt-p.

Since you are familiar with lisp, Guile has gtk bindings.  It
shouldn't be too hard to write a guile script that would popup a file
browser (prepackaged gtk widget) and then 'tek' the document and
display the dvi file.  Displaying the dvi file may actually be the
biggest problem.  You could, of course, just pass it off to xdvi.
However, you would loose control over it once you passed it off.  Xdvi
does automatically refresh its display if the dvi file has changed,
but won't recompile the dvi if the source has changed.  I thought
maybe gnome might have some widgets that would just display postscript
or dvi, but I don't see anything.

What you are describing would be cool.  Maybe you could hack up xdvi
to do what you want.
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