Re: TeX users?

Doug Alcorn (
03 Aug 2000 01:52:03 -0400 writes:

> Patrick Brewer previously wrote:
> >Right now I'm using Xemacs as my TeX front end, but I'd like to use
> >Afterstep.
> What does a window manager have to do with TeX and its ilk????
> AfterStep only controls the display you see on your screen. It is
> not an editor.

Keep in mind all the confusion between window managers and desktop
envirnments these days and see if you can follow this logic:

xemacs == kitchen sink
xemacs == programming editor
xemacs == mail/news client
xemacs == directory/ftp browser
xemacs == calendar/diary/todo manager
xemacs == address book
xemacs == desktop environment
desktop environment ~~ window manager   <== popular misconception here
afterstep == window manager
afterstep == mail biff
afterstep == terminal program
afterstep == scripting tool
afterstep != programming editor?

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