TeX and Afterstep Revisited

Patrick Brewer (brewer@lvc.edu)
Thu, 3 Aug 2000 09:19:31 -0400 (EDT)

Boy, mention TeX and/or Xemacs and you get interesting responses. :)

Yeah, I realize now that my question about using AS for TeX sounded
bizarre. The reason is that I left out some context.

Until just a few short weeks ago, I ran Openstep and was thrilled with it.
But the software companies are abandoning it, so I had no choice but to
leave it, too. Here's where the TeX comment comes in.
You see, the TeX GUI for Openstep is incredible. A brief description
follows, so if you don't like TeX or don't know what it is, you can ignore

To tex a document, I could click the TeX icon on the dock, which would
call up a minature file manager. Then I'd select a document and it would
be TeXed and the corresponding dvi file displayed instantly. It I edited
the tex document, I could simply save it then click on the dvi file and
press alt-t and it would reTeX it. To print, press alt-p.

When I said that I wanted to use AS as my TeX front end, what I meant was
that I wanted to put a button on the wharf that behaved like the button on
my Openstep dock. That's why I've been interested in what language the
wharf config file is written in.

Sorry for the confusion.

BTW, the big reason I chose AS is that it's small and fast. And that's the
same reason I'm not fond of Xemacs. It's huge. Its like using a sledge
hammer to open a peanut. 

Thanks for your patience and please forgive my previous incomplete


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