Re: .steprc problem
Thu, 7 Sep 2000 08:27:45 -0500

>> > 1) If the ~/GNUstep directory hasn't been created, then
>> >    AfterStep gives the following error... (from .xsession-errors)
>> >
>> >   /usr/X11R6/bin/afterstep: unable to bind socket to name
>> >  '/home/bradyn//GNUstep/Library/AfterStep/non-configurable/
>> >  connect.DISPLAY=:0.0':No such file or directory
>>   This might be due to NFS or other non-physical disk.
>I'm sure this has been discussed here before, but what is the reason
>this socket is located in the users home directory? On large sites the
>home directory is very likely to be placed on an NFS mounted system
>of a local disk.
>/tmp would be a much more logical place to put this file. (as is done by
>most other programs using file-sockets..) Only on very rare occassions
>have I seen /tmp being NFS mounted. (and that was diskless workstations).

Well I've been asking this question myself, and I even think I know when it
discussed, its just that I don't have time to go and dig up archives.
It is likely that I'll change it to refer to /tmp in future.

For now you can do the following :

Change lines 78,79 of src/afterstep/module.c  file like so :

<  tmp = safemalloc (strlen (as_dirs.afters_noncfdir) + 9 + strlen
(display_string) + 1);
<  sprintf (tmp, "%s/connect.%s", as_dirs.afters_noncfdir, display_string);

> tmp = safemalloc ( 4 + 9 + strlen (display_string) + 1);
>  sprintf (tmp, "/tmp/connect.%s", as_dirs.afters_noncfdir,

That should do the trick for you.

Please let me know if it works and if you have any problems with it.


>Frank Ronny Larsen

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