wharf question

Thu, 7 Sep 2000 08:31:20 -0500

>I normally run AS 1.8.1-1 with 16bpp on my Xserver. In this mode,
>everything works great - my wharf lines up on the right side of the
>monitor screen. However, when I restart X with 24bpp the wharf get
>confused. All the dockable applets line up on top of each other in the
>upper left corner. Can someone give my some advice as to what I need to
>change to when I switch from 16 to 24 bpp? For information, I've pasted
>my wharf file at the end of this message.

Make sure that your ~/G/L/A/base.24bpp is exactly the same as base.16bpp
and that you selected exactly the same look and feel files for your 24bpp
as for 16bpp.


>Steve Ettorre
>e-mail: sme@nycap.rr.com

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