togglepage question
Fri, 8 Sep 2000 08:35:31 -0500

>Greetings.  I have discovered that by selecting "TogglePage" from
>my menu, I can disable/enable the viewport panning when the mouse
>bumps against the edge of the screen (this makes using "winlist" much 
>but I can keep the feature of being able to use multiple
>views and can quickly toggle back when necessary.  My questions are this:
>1)  I would like to be able to set  "TogglePage" to disable panning
>by default when AS comes up (so that I have to to click "TogglePage" to
>enable it).  Is this possible?  I tried adding a "TogglePage" to my
>feel file and it did not work (the default is still enabled).

You have to set EdgeResistance in feel file to some very big value - 
read man page for more on this.

Alternatevely you can set EdgeScroll to zeroes ( one zero if you don't 
want to 
move along one axis, both - if you don't want to move at all )

>2)  Extending this further, I would like to reccommend that the
>an option be provided in the feel file to disable panning when
>the mouse bumps the edge of the screen, but be enabled when
>dragging a window!  This would be very useful with "winlist"!
>I find that I rarely need to move the viewport except to slide
>a window over to the next viewport and then later jump to it
>via clicking on the pager.

Actually you can move window inside the Pager - press and hold 3 mouse 
( on 2 button mices it is emulated as both buttons pressed together )
and then drag window between views/desks.

>Jim Turner


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