multiple pagers in a wharf

Thorben Thuermer (
Fri, 29 Sep 2000 13:31:37 +0200

Hello AfterStep users,

I'm trying to swallow multiple pagers into my Wharf, i had it working
with a older AS version, i lost that cfg, but i think it was basically:

*Wharf Pager0 - SwallowModule "AfterStep Pager" Pager 0 0 -geometry +0-0
*Wharf Pager1 - SwallowModule "AfterStep Pager" Pager 1 1 -geometry +0-0
*Wharf Pager2 - SwallowModule "AfterStep Pager" Pager 2 2 -geometry +0-0
*Wharf Pager3 - SwallowModule "AfterStep Pager" Pager 3 3 -geometry +0-0

the problem is that this way the pagers are swallowed in a random order
and i had to use a wrapper script like:
sleep $1 ; Pager $1 $1

*Wharf Pager0 - Swallow "AfterStep Pager" 0 -geometry +0-0
*Wharf Pager1 - Swallow "AfterStep Pager" 1 -geometry +0-0
*Wharf Pager2 - Swallow "AfterStep Pager" 2 -geometry +0-0
*Wharf Pager3 - Swallow "AfterStep Pager" 3 -geometry +0-0

to get a defined order....

but now i compiled 1.8.0, and it won't swallow more than one pager at
the others are started but stay on my desktop as windows

did nobody ever try this before? or maybe i doing something wrong?

how about adding the standard "-name" parameter to Pager,
that would make it possible to use:

*Wharf Pager0 - Swallow "Pager0" Pager 0 0 -geometry +0-0 -name Pager0
*Wharf Pager1 - Swallow "Pager1" Pager 0 0 -geometry +0-0 -name Pager1
*Wharf Pager2 - Swallow "Pager2" Pager 0 0 -geometry +0-0 -name Pager2
*Wharf Pager3 - Swallow "Pager3" Pager 0 0 -geometry +0-0 -name Pager3

Thanks for any suggestions

Thorben Thuermer
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