togglepage question

Jim Turner (
6 Sep 00 14:47:06 PDT

Greetings.  I have discovered that by selecting "TogglePage" from 
my menu, I can disable/enable the viewport panning when the mouse 
bumps against the edge of the screen (this makes using "winlist" much easier,
but I can keep the feature of being able to use multiple 
views and can quickly toggle back when necessary.  My questions are this:

1)  I would like to be able to set  "TogglePage" to disable panning 
by default when AS comes up (so that I have to to click "TogglePage" to 
enable it).  Is this possible?  I tried adding a "TogglePage" to my 
feel file and it did not work (the default is still enabled).

2)  Extending this further, I would like to reccommend that the 
an option be provided in the feel file to disable panning when 
the mouse bumps the edge of the screen, but be enabled when 
dragging a window!  This would be very useful with "winlist"!  
I find that I rarely need to move the viewport except to slide 
a window over to the next viewport and then later jump to it 
via clicking on the pager.


Jim Turner

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