Re: Keybindings and possible feature for AS 1.9
Thu, 19 Oct 2000 08:49:36 -0500

> Recently my monitor went phzz-pop, and I had to start using an old vga. I
> was at first very pissed but now that I have been using just the console I
> have realized how valuable the keyboard and thus keybindings (in AS) are.
> I was wondering if there is a way to assign, on the fly, specific "values"
> to specific windows. I know you can assign..oh say..CTRL-ALT-F8 to "exec
> aterm -e pine" but I was looking for something a little more dynamic.
> Such as:
> CTRL-ALT-F1   A1
> CTRL-ALT-F2   A2
> CTRL-ALT-F3   A3
> CTRL-ALT-F4   A4
> CTRL-ALT-F5   A5
> Then allow setting and unsetting of the A$ values on the fly. Similar to
> the sticky module. Where you can have the window stay on top and follow

Perhaps Bookmarking of windows ?

That would require adding 2 more Functions to AfterStep :

BookmarkWindow  "name" bookmark_label window_id
GoToBookmark    "name" bookmark_label

That would be rather easy to implement, and I may actually do that when 
get to rewriting feel handling  - which should be about a month from now.
But again, it will be at least untill New year before devel AfterStep will 

become usefull for the general public.

> you from workspace to workspace. Except that instead of staying with you
> it has a keybinding. Is there a similar function in AfterStep now, that I
> have over looked? Could such a function be added? Yes, I am aware that 
> team of coders has recently dropped to a team of 1 and sometimes 2 but I
> was just curious. If I had "any" knowledge of C++ I would at the very
> least pull the cvs version and start hacking but since I have no 
> of said language I can only ask.

AfterStep is written in pure C :)

thanks for your suggestion, I kinda like it.

Sasha Vasko

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