using alt key in emacs AND afterstep, etc.

Dave Della Costa (
Sat, 04 Nov 2000 16:49:07 -0500

Hey All,
I've read the FAQ entry about AS stealing the alt key away from emacs,
and the solution
suggested there and in postings on the mailing list doesn't seem to
work.  But, more to the
point, when I do use the ICCCM feel file, or take out all 'alt' entries
in my own customized
feel file, I lose the use of alt - tab and alt - q to switch around
windows, which is a feature
that I really like and use often.  Is there a way to get the best of
both worlds?

This extends to deeper questions about AS - I like to use shift - ctrl -
arrow when I am in
windows to highlight a word-ish section of text, but ctrl - arrow in AS
moving me around the
desktops, which I also like...what I guess I'm asking is how does event
capturing work for
AfterStep, does it just see if it can use an event and then it throws it
away?  I know this can't
be completely true, because for example alt - f (file menu) and etc.
works in Mozilla, so it seems
that AS is selectively let some events through just fine to some
application and others not...
or do I need to edit my .emacs file to get all this to work
correctly...?   Blah...

Sorry about the rambling questions.  Hope I'm making some sense to

Dave D.

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