Wharf "Size" option?

Woodrow (wfcall@onewest.net)
Sun, 05 Nov 2000 13:57:34 -0700

	Hi all. I was reading through Andrei Ivanov's excellent AfterStep
documents and noticed in his Wharf configuration page there was a
setting for "Size width hieght". Is this for the tiles in Wharf, or for
the icons? If it is for the tiles, where in the Wharf file does it go?
An example of the syntax would be real helpful.
	I also wanted to pass along a tip for those who like or use Gkrellm. I
have it docked into the Wharf with this setting:

*Wharf gkrellm  - MaxSwallow "gkrellm" gkrellm -withdrawn & 

Using the CTRL or ALT keys and right-clicking on Gkrellm will allow
access to it's configuration menu and utility options, yet a plain
right-click will make it collapse into the Wharf like any other dock
	I found that just by running Gkrellm on the desktop (not docked into
Wharf) other apps would occasionally cover it up. By putting it into the
Wharf and setting the option to not have applications cover the Wharf,
it's always visible. And if I need more screen real estate (which
happens on a 1024X768 screen) I can shrink (right click) Wharf and it
takes Gkrellm with it.
	I imagine most people who use Gkrellm and AS have already figured this
out, but I thought I'd pass it along anyhow.
	If anyone has used the "Size" option for Wharf could help with
a syntax explanation it would be greatly appreciated!

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