Re: switching screens with keys

Woodrow (
Sun, 05 Nov 2000 17:10:06 -0700

Christopher Mark Conn wrote:
> Hi, I'm a returning AS user, hope this isn't a FAQ...
> I used to know how to switch between screens with
> keys without having to click on the pager but I've
> forgotten, can somebody tell me how? I still like
> the pager but sometimes keys are faster.
> Thanks!
> Chris Conn
> Leander, Texas

If your default keybindings haven't been changed then CTRL+ArrowKey
should do it.
The keybindings are controlled by your "feel" file. If you know which
one you are
using (if you haven't changed it via the "Feel" menu it is "Default")
you can use
a text editor or viewer to read this file and find out what keys do what
in AS.
The feel files are generally in '/usr/share/afterstep/feels' or
/afterstep/feels', depending on your install.

Hope this helps.

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