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David Mihm (
Thu, 14 Dec 2000 12:50:57 -0600 (CST)

On Thu, 14 Dec 2000 wrote:

> Greetings,
> Probably an easy answer, but I'm stuck.  I have 4 desktops with a
> different image on each.  (I know, but I'm fortunate enough to have
> memory to spare ;-) When I startx in the morning, AS dosen't load my
> BG images.  I manually select an image for the first desk, then all other
> images load, using my last set images - I only need to set one desktop for
> all other images to load.
> Any ideas as to why?  I can't think of anything I may have changed to
> cause this behavior, it was working fine up until a month or so ago. I
> have been a long time AS user (since 1.4) just did the upgrade to 1.8.4
> with the latest patch hoping that would resolve the issue to no avail -
> but 1.8.4 seems to be running nicely otherwise! (was using 1.8.0 when this
> began)

Make sure you have :
	Module  "I"     asetroot 0 3 -l
in the ~/GNUstep/Library/AfterStep/autoexec file at the top of both the
Function "InitFunction" and the Function "RestartFunction".  AfterStep
uses this to set the background when you select it from the menu - the
default behavior.

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