Re: aterm compilation
Fri, 15 Dec 2000 09:41:27 -0600

> writes:
>> Probably the version of AfterStep.
>> What version do you have installed ?
>> Why AS headers are in /tmp/prog/X11R6 ?
>It is simple :). I'm only a user in our student house net. We have here
>RedHat and AfterStep 1.7.142. I wanted to try something newer... I've
>got the letest release surce: 1.8.6 and instaled in /tmp/prog. why
>there?  becouse i have quota limited space of disk, so the whole
>afterstep is tar bziped and when i do startx it is automatically untar
>bzipped there. The headers come from 1.8.4 or 1.8.6 (i dont remember but
>there is no difference in screen.h). I just copied all files from
>include directory to /tmp/prog/X11R6/include/afterstep and configure can
>find them there, becouse i've set CPPFLAS, LDFLAGS and
>LD_LIBRARY_PATH. I experimeted also with screen.h from older releases
>but with similar effect. I've even tried with screen.h from cvs of
>There are no other headers files then those of my AfterStep. I've
>installed many programs this way as a user. I had various problems but
>never such like this. Why afterstep can compile with this file but aterm
>cant do it?
>                                                   Krzysiek

Thing is that if you have AfterSTep 1.8.* running - you will not be able to
use theme/MyStyles in aterm due to the differences in the libraries. That
is why 1.8
does not install headers. If you want to run aterm with MyStyle support -
you should
checkout CVS AfterStep using the date of aterm release, which is July 1. It
is important
that you don't use latest CVS AfterStep, as it is in the middle of rewrite
thus is somewhat broken. You should be able to get what you need using :

cvs -d co -D 2000-06-01

Compile it, install it , then redo ./configure for aterm
(don't forget to delete config.cahce first )
It should compile fine then.

I apologize for inconvinience, hopefully AS and aterm should come in sync
within next few month.


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