Re: aterm compilation

Christof (
15 Dec 2000 18:55:46 +0100 writes:

> Thing is that if you have AfterSTep 1.8.* running - you will not be able to
> use theme/MyStyles in aterm due to the differences in the libraries. That
> is why 1.8
> does not install headers. If you want to run aterm with MyStyle support -
> you should
> checkout CVS AfterStep using the date of aterm release, which is July 1. It
> is important
> that you don't use latest CVS AfterStep, as it is in the middle of rewrite
> and
> thus is somewhat broken. You should be able to get what you need using :
> cvs -d co -D 2000-06-01
> afterstep-devel
> Compile it, install it , then redo ./configure for aterm
> (don't forget to delete config.cahce first )
> It should compile fine then.

AAAAAAAAAAAA! It Works! Thank You very much! :)
> I apologize for inconvinience, hopefully AS and aterm should come in sync
> within next few month.

A see my new AfterStep bahave in little other manner, and i have some
problems (which i'm resolving gradually) but never mind. I have version
1.9.29. Nobody has it :) 
I've heard that there will not be the non-configurable directory, but it
is still here... What are to be the main differences between old
releases and the new 1.9.* ?



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