AlwaysOnTop, Layer 1 AND keybindings

D. Sen (
Sat, 16 Dec 2000 09:27:58 -0500

I have been trying to make gkrellm be on top of other windows (like wharf). I
tried this from the database file by adding "AlwaysOnTop" and later "Layer
1". This didnt seem to do the trick. I got around it by adding a keybinding
to the feels file:

Key F7          A       SC      PutOnTop

And then doing a shift+ctrl+F7 on the gkrellm window.

Is there a way to automate this?

kalen wrote:

> This isn't a question. Last night on undernet I was asked "How can I get
> the combonation alt-w to open an aterm. I tried to explain it but I was
> very tired and there was alot of traffic in the channel. So here goes
> again.
> First find a feel file that you like. You could use any feel file but that
> might entail a larger amount of work to get it where you what it. Once you
> have found the feel you like. Create the directory "feels" in
> $HOME/GNUstep/Library/AfterStep/ . Then copy the feel you kind of like
> into G/L/A/feels/ and rename it to something like feel.yourname .
> Open feel.yourname with your favorite text editor. About 3/4 the way down
> there is a section called "Calls". This commented out section contains a
> list of all the currently availible options, and a _very_ brief
> introduction to keybindings. I would advise starting at the very bottom so
> you can keep all of your changes together. After you have finished
> editing the feel file. Click Start>Desktop>Update startmenu. Then Click
> Start>Desktop>Feel>yourname. Walla. Your key bindings should now work. But
> you are still wondering how to press alt-w and get an aterm.
> ###
> #Your keybindings
> Key w   A       M       Exec "aterm" exec aterm
> That should do it. You can pass aterm any of the options you would
> normally pass it, on that line. Such as:
> exec aterm -tr -sh 60 -bg black -fg white
> or whatever you use.
> Note- As I have only used AS from a tar ball I downloaded and not the one
> that "came" with the system. These instuctions worked for me.
> Thank you F.R. Larsen for helping me with this same issue back on the 31st
> of May.
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