Re: AlwaysOnTop, Layer 1

Woodrow (
Sat, 16 Dec 2000 14:53:51 -0700

"D. Sen" wrote:

> StaysOnTop doesnt help. (Thats what I actually tried......dont know where I got
> "AlwaysOnTop" from)
> David Mihm wrote:
> > On Sat, 16 Dec 2000, D. Sen wrote:
> >
> > > I have been trying to make gkrellm be on top of other windows (like wharf). I
> > > tried this from the database file by adding "AlwaysOnTop" and later "Layer
> > > 1". This didnt seem to do the trick. I got around it by adding a keybinding
> > > to the feels file:
> > >
> > > Key F7          A       SC      PutOnTop
> > >
> > > And then doing a shift+ctrl+F7 on the gkrellm window.
> > > Is there a way to automate this?
> >
> > Could be that AlwaysOnTop is not a valid entry; it is StaysOnTop.  Also
> > make sure you use the actual WM_CLASS name which is Gkrellm.
> >
> > HTH

        This may be asking the obvious, but, have you set the "always on top wm
hint" in Gkrellm?
Another option (that I use) is to MaxSwallow Gkrellm into Wharf. That also gives me
the ability
to roll Gkrellm up with the rest of Wharf (right click) when I need or want the
extra screen real
eatate. I also don't have to specify sticky-state or anything else in the database.
I can still access
Gkrellm's configuration menu with a ctrl-right_click on it.
    The drawbacks (?) are I have to keep Wharf's tiles at a 64x64 size and had to
set Gkrellm's
size to 57 (fits snugly) or less. Any smaller size for Wharf (56x56, 48x48, etc) and
Gkrellm won't
show up.


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