Xfree86 v4 issues ?

Sat, 16 Dec 2000 17:12:06 -0000


Sorry if the following merely reveals my ignorance, but here goes.

For a while now I have had a project to upgrade my hardware and 
migrate fully to linux.  I spent some time experimenting with various 
WMs on the old setup (bx board / celeron / Matrox Millennium 
G400, SuSE 6.3, Xfree86 v3.x), and decided to go with AS.  I had 
my experimental installation working very well, although I know I 
still had much to learn.

I upgraded the hardware (815e board / PIII 800 / same graphics 
card), and installed SuSE 7 with Xfree86 v4.  I downloaded and 
installed the current AS.  The result is that the default look (and 
several others) crash the X server with a Sig 11 whenever I click a 
window's minimise button.  One or two other looks (eg "purple"), do 
not, however do this.  I therefore switched to purple and continued 
installing my software. Unfortunately even with this setup I get 
occasional Sig 11 crashes, whose unpredictability and damned-
nuisanceness would do credit to the boys at Redmond. Sometimes 
the crash comes when moving a window, somethimes when giving 
it focus, other times for no reason I can detect.

I have not been able to pay close attention to the list for the past 
couple of months, - but I do not think that I have seen any mention 
of similar problems.  Is it just me ?  Is it likely to be my my 
hardware or something about my configuration of Xfree86 v4 - or is 
there some deeper incompatibility with v4 ?

I really do *not* want to give up using AS - but nor do I want to 
abandon v4, not least because I like the integrated support for 
TrueType fonts.

Any help will be very gratefully received.



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