Xfree86 v4 issues ?

Sun, 17 Dec 2000 21:59:47 -0000

David / Kalen ...

On 17 Dec 2000, at 9:59, David Mihm wrote:

> This is a known bug and as been patched.  You'll need to apply 
> patches (01 & 02) to the 1.8.4 tree.  I mentioned this as a 
symptom on the
> web site when listing the patch. :)

Thank you both very much for the prompt replies.   I do have v4.0 of 
Xfree86 and I did not know that there was a newer version. I had 
begun downloading 4.1, but was having difficulties with SuSE's 
overloaded server when David's e-mail arrived.  The patches David 
mentioned have cured the problems I mentioned, but I will install 
the new version of Xfree86 anyway, as soon as SuSE comes back 
to life.  Thanks again to you both - I will check for patches more 
carefully in future.



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