Re: Xfree86 v4 issues ?
Mon, 18 Dec 2000 12:07:49 -0600

> On Sat, 16 Dec 2000 wrote:
> [snip]
> > The result is that the default look (and
> > several others) crash the X server with a Sig 11 whenever I click a
> > window's minimise button.  One or two other looks (eg "purple"), do
> > not, however do this.  I therefore switched to purple and continued
> > installing my software. Unfortunately even with this setup I get
> > occasional Sig 11 crashes, whose unpredictability and damned-
> > nuisanceness would do credit to the boys at Redmond. Sometimes
> > the crash comes when moving a window, somethimes when giving
> > it focus, other times for no reason I can detect.
> This is a known bug and as been patched.  You'll need to apply both
> patches (01 & 02) to the 1.8.4 tree.  I mentioned this as a symptom on
> web site when listing the patch. :)
> Put the patches anywhere, change to the AS tree and apply patches as -
> bzip2 -cd patch-01 | patch p1
> then do the same for patch-02 (and patch 03 if you want).
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Ok, this is it. This is calling for another release.
Since I did not want to have same problems as we had last time we made a
I've put out a patch 1.8.4-03, so that ppl can report if there are any
with it. If there are none - then release that will be.
Please somebody try and download all 3 patches for the stable that is
on now, apply them and see if you have any
problems. If I on't hear anything untill 12/20/0000 - I'll go ahead and
1.8.7 release.

Thanks in advance for testing .


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