Re: afterstep in redhat
Sat, 9 Dec 2000 23:00:53 -0500 (EST)

On 8 Dec 2000, Doug Alcorn wrote:

> Nathaniel, while I am interested in what RedHat does (or doesn't) do
> with AfterStep, the best forum for this is the as-users mailing list.
> Nathaniel Graham <> writes:
> > Hello,
> > 	On the official afterstep page, it mentions that RedHat has removed afterstep
> > from it's distribution.  I recently contacted RedHat about that and my growing
> > list of issues with their distribution.  The response I received was:
> >
> > "As for packages no longer in the distribution, we drop packages when they
> > become too difficult to maintain. We do not have a huge development staff and
> > thus we rely heavily on the community to support and maintain various
> > packages. If there's a package that has been dropped that you feel we need,
> > pitch in and help maintain the code. We could then add it back into the
> > distribution." (I reformatted it, but it's otherwise verbatim).
> >
> > Now last I checked, the afterstep team has always made afterstep available in
> > rpm and srpm format.  What more maintainence do they need?  While she may have
> > been refering more specifically to some of the other packages I asked about,
> > afterstep was one of my biggest beefs (however, xv hasn't changed in forever,
> > so again, what maintainence could they need?).
> >
> > Any clarification you can provide would be appreciated.
> > Thanks for your time.
> >
> >
> > Nathaniel Graham
> >
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> Yes, AS has had problems with RedHat for quite some time.  I'm sure
> there are several on the as-users list who can chime in with stories.
> Most of the problems relate to their decision of which version of AS
> they ship.  One time they took (just like the recent gcc mess) one of
> our development snapshots (1.4.something) and called it 1.5.0.  Prior
> to that, they had built their own window manager out of fvwm and
> _called_ it AfterStep.  I think _it_ still ships with RedHat.  They
> now call it "AnotherLevel" (it would be interesting to know if anyone
> is using this).
> Other's may have differing opinions, but I say "good riddance."

A lot of this can be blamed on the AS guys if you ask me. If you
didn't want Redhat shipping the development snapshots you should've
provided Redhat the rpm's of the version you wanted to be shipped.

You really can't blame Redhat for something that's really a screwup on
AS part. A little forethought would've prevented the whole thing.

As for the afterstep team has always made afterstep available in rpm
and srpm formats that's laughable. Check the date and version of the rpm
packages. If the AS guys can't be bothered to update the stuff on their
own WWW site, why should Redhat or any other distro do it?

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