Re: afterstep in redhat

Albert Dorofeev (
Mon, 11 Dec 2000 10:32:20 +0100

On Sat, Dec 09, 2000 at 11:00:53PM -0500, wrote:
> A lot of this can be blamed on the AS guys if you ask me. If you
> didn't want Redhat shipping the development snapshots you should've
> provided Redhat the rpm's of the version you wanted to be shipped.

And why would we do that? If *you* wanted to ship AS with RedHat,
*you* should have contacted the development team and *you*
should have politely asked about the version to ship. That's
the way things work and do not try to put them on their head.

> You really can't blame Redhat for something that's really a screwup on
> AS part. A little forethought would've prevented the whole thing.

And you should not insult the development team in an afterthought
just to cover up the absence of forethought.

> As for the afterstep team has always made afterstep available in rpm
> and srpm formats that's laughable. Check the date and version of the rpm
> packages. If the AS guys can't be bothered to update the stuff on their
> own WWW site, why should Redhat or any other distro do it?

The AS guys update stuff on their website, they just cannot
be bothered to prefer RedHat over any other distribution.


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