Feature: global window list, current window list and winlist

Tue, 16 Jan 2001 08:54:05 -0600

>    Another feature request to make you happy:
>    I openned up the GIMP on a desktop, and opened tons of
>windows. My winlist was completely cluttered, so I was thinking:
>    Could it be possible to add a feature in the 'database' file
>that lets you choose in which lists the window 'appears'?

Thing is that both old and new (extended wm-specs) Gnome compatibility
include hints to mark windows as skipwinlist, so that Gnome/KDE can
understand it. It was only partially supported in  1.8, but in 1.9
its an integral part of the AfterStep. So in future both AS and Gnome and
should show exactly same window list.

>    For example, I'd want a window not to appear in the Winlist
>module, but to appear when I right-click to see the list of all the
>windows on all the desktops, and when I middle-click to see the list of
>the windows on the current desktop..
>    Or see it only in the current-desktop window list, but not the
>winlist or the global winlist.
>    It'd be really cool because it'd allow someone to open lots of
>windows on one desktop, without making the winlist module unreadable and
>without making the global windowlist too long.
>    Take care,
>    Romain


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