Aterm Scrollbar help needed.
Wed, 17 Jan 2001 08:33:02 -0600

> Can anyone tell me how to change the color or trough style of aterm?
> I have tried compiling with "--enable-next-scroll", "
--enable-xterm-scroll", neither; and tried > starting with "--troughColor
green", "--scrollColor blue", "-st", "+st", and just about every
> other
> combination, but I ALWAYS get a gray scrollbar on top of a black & gray
> stippled trough.  There is a slight difference in buttons if I compile
> with "--enable-xterm-scroll".  I'd prefer a "clear" or black trough (a
scrollbar that looks more > like rxvt, version 2.4.7).  I am using aterm
> version 0.4.0.  Everything else, including transparency appears to be
> working fine.

Ever tried : aterm -tr -trsb -tint blue

( Note: -trsb turns on transparent scrollbar )


> Thanks in advance.

> Jim Turner

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