Re: Afterstep's Pager
Wed, 17 Jan 2001 08:42:18 -0600

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> Hello, I have been a huge friend of afterstep's. I setup most linux
> computers on my college campus and I always try to convince people to use
> afterstep, rather than that beast kde or the behemoth gnome. ;)
> But, There is one problem I always run into. People seem to hate the fact
> that the pager doesn't allow windows to slide behind it easily. I assume
> could refer to this as 'stickiness' and get away with it, but I am not
> sure if this is a correct term. To get around this I shrink the pager
> to one main desktop divided into four screens. But even then some people
> complain. "Takes up to much of the desktop not being able to move my
> windows all the way to the right," or "It's annoying having windows catch
> on the pager."


> Is there a way to turn the stickiness off so windows won't get caught on
> the pager?

Surely. Try removing AvoidCover attribute from the database entry for
Man pages usually are of great help.

> Or,
> How do you get the pager working correctly iconified?
> I would appreciate any help or good (cow)prods in the correct
> direction. If this is a bug, this must be the longest bug report I have
> ever written.

> Thank You.

> -Kyle Jay Hubert


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