Re: Redirecting error messages to an aterm

Aidan Kehoe (
Tue, 6 Feb 2001 19:57:13 +0100

 On February 6, James wrote:

 > It was Today, when Aidan Kehoe did type:
 > # No, not at all. This is more a question of shell syntax than Afterstep
 > # configuration; the 'grep' line was there to work out which file you
 > # were running Afterstep from, and the '.xinitrc:16:exec afterstep' was
 > # just some sample output from that grep command. It could equally have
 > It means "On line 16 of .xinitrc I found the string 'exec afterstep' which
 > matches what you asked for" doesn't it?

Aye, quite. Btw, is anyone else finding this list *really* slow ? As
in, messages appear 1day+ after posting them ?

    - Aidan
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