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Doug Alcorn (
09 Feb 2001 09:35:55 -0500

I think you would get better answers on the afterstep mainling list.
I'm forwarding it there.

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> Hello-
> I remember some time back on Afterstep.Org that it was mentioned that
> RedHat did not release Afterstep in there current Distro....Lo and
> behold - The other day a friend was running Mandrake 7.2 (which is
> what I use) and he did not have Afterstep on his rease, which was a
> retail version. I had to bring my download version in for him to
> load. Why is this manager not on some of the distros??? I came to love
> it some months ago for its awesome look. I just do not get it. Is
> there some sort of compatibility prob???
> Also- with current version of KDE how do you load the panel under
> Afterstep (if you will). The older kpanel command dies not seem to
> work.
> Thanx for you time - and please respond.
> Afterstep user.....
> oboltyo
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