Pager stickiness

J. Paul Reed (
Sun, 4 Feb 2001 21:42:29 -0800

Hey all:

I've been an AS user since 1.4.something... it's always been my favorite WM
of all time.

Over the weekend, I took the time to upgrade from the 1.6.10 version I'd
been using for a couple of years to the current 1.8.8 version, and all I
can say is "Wow!" The developers have have done a great job in the past few
years. :-)

I have, however, been trying to figure out one thing with AS 1.8.8 that
1.6.10 did NOT do: I use interactive window placement (i.e. the window gets
created and I place it where I want on the desktop myself using the mouse)
and I've noticed that with 1.8.8, the Wharf is sticky... that is there is
some edge resistance at the edge of the Wharf and I have to hold the window
against the Wharf to get it to move to another desktop.

Also, if the window is created OVER the Wharf, as soon as I move the
window, it will jump off of the Wharf onto an area not occupied by the
Wharf. I find this *really* annoying, especially since the reason I use
interactive window placement is (typically) to move windows to other
desktops before I place them.

Is this a bug, or is there some option to turn Wharf stickiness/resistance

Help!! :-)


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