Re: misconceptions about --options to configure [was Re: none]
Fri, 09 Feb 2001 14:51:25 -0500

Well, I used the SAME file trees (/usr/local/share/afterstep/* and 
~abUserHome/GNUstep/Library/AfterStep/*) -- (The preinstalled version 
was in /usr/share/afterstep), but with their version, my pager was 
2 desktops with 1 virtual screen in each, but with the one I built, 
it worked great (I got the file trees from another machine which I was 
already using, and the versions were the same - 1.8.3).  I also compiled 
in the ability to use my start menu options which were in my feel file -- 
I find it MUCH easier to put my menus into 1 file than to scatter bunches 
of 1 or 2 line files in a tree of directories.

Jim wrote:
> On  9 Feb, wrote:
> > It is a shame that you have to pick your desktop dimensions at COMPILE
> > time and not as a feel option :(
> This is completely and utterly _wrong_, with one exception - if you want a
> different look & feel for each desktop.
> I think people look at ./configure --help and think they need to set all
> these things; and I agree, all the default options should have something
> next to them showing they are default, but you don't need to have any
> options to configure at all.  Everything is configurable from the
> configuration files (aside from that _one_ thing mentioned above).  This
> isn't one of those other window managers that has everything tied into
> configure, and only allows changes made that affect look/feel to be
> set from configure.  This is why we here at AfterStep think our window
> manager is the most configureable, because of the fact that it _is_.  Yes,
> I know I am preaching to the choir here, but it begs mentioning often, so
> tell your friends. :)  So in closing, don't feel that you even need to
> look at the output of configure --help and most of all, don't feel
> pressured that you need to make a descision to set or unset one of these
> options; just ./configure && make && make install!
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