Re: remote asapplets in my wharf...

Thorben Thuermer (
Sun, 11 Feb 2001 03:56:02 +0100 wrote:
> Hi list!
> I manage several linux boxes at work, I would love to have a second wharf
> bar at the top of my screen that is full of asmon's from each one, with
> the host name of the asmon in the pop-up balloon on mouse over.
> I am currently dreaming up a way to do this using ssh somehow, so that I
> can set up an autologin with a username with next to no rights, have asmon
> pulled and swallowed into wharf2....

i have a similar setup with a modified version of xnetload running on my
masq router and swallowed into wharf on my workstation machine.
i just run a loop like:

while true ; do xnetload -display <workstation name> ; sleep 10 ; done

on the router, and on the workstation i have:

*Wharf netload - Swallow "xnetload" true

in my wharf config.

so xnetload on the router keeps trying to connect, which just fails if
workstation is down, or i'm not logged in.
when i log in i run "xhost <router>" manually (i could do it from
but i prefer doing it manually) and remove it after it's connected.
a better way would be to put a command like:

xhost +<router>;sleep 20;xhost -<router>

into autoexec.

Thorben Thuermer
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