Re: remote asapplets in my wharf...
Sun, 11 Feb 2001 13:10:33 +0100

> Hi list!
> I manage several linux boxes at work, I would love to have a second wharf
> bar at the top of my screen that is full of asmon's from each one, with
> the host name of the asmon in the pop-up balloon on mouse over.

Hm. I don't remember if there are problems using more than one wharf, but 
I do remember that at least some time ago you had to create a copy of 
wharf with a different name to do this.

> I am currently dreaming up a way to do this using ssh somehow, so that I
> can set up an autologin with a username with next to no rights, have asmon
> pulled and swallowed into wharf2....
> Am I dreaming, or is this doable?

This should be doable I believe. If you run Afterstep as an ssh-agent and 
run ssh-add in autoexec before you start the second wharf this should 
work fine. You need a line in your wharf2 config that says something like 

*Wharf asmon - MaxSwallow "Server1" ssh -X user@server1 
/usr/local/bin/asmon &

But there is one problem you might run into. I believe the Swallow 
feature identifies the window to swallow by its window class or resource 
name. If you start several asmon which are all started with the same 
window name, I'm not sure how afterstep will manage that. It might be 
possible that it is possible to set the name of the window using 
commandline paramters to amon or even Xdefaults on the remote machine. 
(I've never used asmon, so I don't know what options are available).

BTW: stick with the idea of using ssh instead of opening your computer 
for attacks by using xhost. :)

> Also, is there some wharf swallowable applet that can show me the number
> of users logged onto a host? via ftp, ssh, console or (eeks!!!) telnet?
> If not, can I put it on a wishlist?  ( i am the worst programmer in the
> world with no time to start learning now, heh. )

None that I'm aware of, but that doesn't necessarily mean anything. :) 
Sounds like a practical app though, so there might be someone out there 
who has made one.


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