Re: remote asapplets in my wharf...

Oystein Viggen (
11 Feb 2001 16:20:01 +0100 wrote: 

> name. If you start several asmon which are all started with the same 
> window name, I'm not sure how afterstep will manage that. It might be 
> possible that it is possible to set the name of the window using 
> commandline paramters to amon or even Xdefaults on the remote machine. 
> (I've never used asmon, so I don't know what options are available).

That would work in early 1.7.x and earlier versions of afterstep (I
think they would be swallowed in order of appearance).  In 1.8, you need
to have a unique window name for each asmon.

I run asload locally and on a server.  The server-version is hacked to
set its window name to "asload-Colargol".  It should be possible to
install ha customized version of asmon on each server and swallow them
with lines like the one in the previous post changing only the server
and resource names.

When in doubt: Think again.
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