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Christian B. Wiik (
05 Feb 2001 09:51:34 +0100

["J. Paul Reed" <>]


| I have, however, been trying to figure out one thing with AS 1.8.8 that
| 1.6.10 did NOT do: I use interactive window placement (i.e. the window gets
| created and I place it where I want on the desktop myself using the mouse)
| and I've noticed that with 1.8.8, the Wharf is sticky... that is there is
| some edge resistance at the edge of the Wharf and I have to hold the window
| against the Wharf to get it to move to another desktop.
| Also, if the window is created OVER the Wharf, as soon as I move the
| window, it will jump off of the Wharf onto an area not occupied by the
| Wharf. I find this *really* annoying, especially since the reason I use
| interactive window placement is (typically) to move windows to other
| desktops before I place them.
| Is this a bug, or is there some option to turn Wharf stickiness/resistance
| off?

Look in your ~/GNUstep/Library/AfterStep/database. You'll find the
"Style "*Wharf" NoTitle, Sticky, StaysOnTop, WindowListSkip, NoHandles, AvoidCover"

Remove "AvoidCover" and restart (possibly sufficient with a

If you have no ~/GNUstep.... dir, just copy it from
/usr/local/share/afterstep/ before editing.

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