Redirecting error messages to an aterm
Mon, 5 Feb 2001 12:06:10 -0000


This is a re-send of an email I sent a couple of weeks ago.  I never 
received a copy back from the list - in fact I have not received 
anything for ages until yesterday.  Maybe I fell out of the syatem 
for a while. I am sorry if you have all seen my question before 
(maybe even replied).

Here's my question.

I do not use a graphical login.  I fire up AS with startx and run my 
session.  After exiting AS I see various error messages on the 
console generated during the session (from the X server etc).  I 
would like to see those mesages in an aterm during the session.  I 
think that means redirecting stderr to the aterm ?  I do not know 
how to do that.  Can anyone help please ?



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