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Thu, 15 Mar 2001 10:26:55 -0500

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> I'm not sure about this, but I think the xearth author would have to take=
> necessary steps in order for aterm to update properly.
> Since you've got plenty of cycles to spare, I would recommend xplanet as a
> substitute.  It has many many more feature than xearth, plus it uses actu=
> satellite images of the Earth (or any other body) including nightmaps and
> cloudmaps too.
> Best of all, the xplanet author uses AfterStep, so when it updates the
> background, xplanet will also do whatever is necessary with asetroot to u=
> the transparency in aterm, wharf, winlist, etc.
> You can find it at

You know, about 3 hrs after I posted last night I found that.  I am
now happily running xplanet and aterms tinted Grey50, and it is just
too pretty.

Even with it pushing out the updates ever few minutes to the
terminals, I am way less loaded then if I was running Gnome or KDE.
Thank god AS gives me all these extra cycles to do silly things like
watch the earth rotate through my email. :)


Sean Dague=09
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There is no silver bullet.  Plus, werewolves make better neighbors than
zombies, and they tend to keep the vampire population down.

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