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Sasha Vasko/OSCA/Courts/Judicial(
Fri, 16 Mar 2001 09:07:55 -0600

> Sasha etc al.
> (sorry if this gets here twice.  My mutt seems to not be setting the from
> line propperly on my machine)
> I have been very impressed with AfterStep in the past (just made another
> convert last night when my friend's Gnome session crashed on him 3 times 
> 2 hours), and am very excited about the ideas that have been put out here
> and on devel about where AS is going in 1.9.
> Something I think isn't there, which maybe a good idea, is an applet
> library.  Every applet I look at includes its own xpm for fonts, which 
> like a huge waste.  Might it be a good idea to have an libasapp or 
> to attempt to encapsulate this?

libasapp is a very decent idea. I even strted implementing it some time 
back, but
has not made any sagnificant progress. 
Basically as it is right now, main AS libraries has been extended to 
include most 
of the things you'd want to see in libasapp, so it should be sufficient to 
recode applets to utilize this libraries. Things like: Drawing, memory 
hashing, hints management should be done using afterstep libs. 

But that approach will create applets that will only work with AS, which 
might not 
be what applet developers want. It might make sense to create a libasapp as 
subset of Agfterstep libraries, and allow its inclusion with applet distro.
when applet is compiled - it may check if afterstep is installed, and if it 
is - 
use afterstep libraries, otherwise use libasapp. That is the approach I 
used with

> I believe I am going to be gaining clock cycles soon which I would love 
> help in AS work.  (I know I said that about 8 months back, but then I had 
> go to Australia for 2 months.  I really mean it this time :))
> I have ideas for a few applets, which I shall try to get done before 
> Sasha and others to help me understand the AS 1.9 codebase.
>       -Sean
> --
> Sean Dague

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