Re: Restoring Background after Stopping Animations

irb (
Fri, 16 Mar 2001 18:20:18 -0800

* Andrew Ferguson ( [010316 17:10]:
> We're going through a transition period right now, so no, no one's working
> on the docs. Volunteers are always welcome. libasConfig in 1.8.x is very,
> very basic. It contains configuration ability for only a few files. In the
> 1.9.x CVS, libasConfig reads and writes all of the config files and then
> some. There is some libasConfig documentation (doc/code/libasimage-HOWTO
> and friends), but most written docs are in the code itself and the vast
> majority is in Sasha's and my heads. Ask questions and ye shall find out.
> :)
Well, I don't have many questions about asConfig ATM, the only practical
use for it that I'm aware of in 1.8 is aterm. But thanks.

> BTW, you seem to know a lot about AfterStep code base. Want to help? :)
Well, let me put it this way- I've been running AS almost exclusively
since the pre-1.0 days, but I only subbed to the list recently. So
perhaps something of an introduction is in order. *grin*

I remember, rather fondly, running AS in college- my first linux box, a
486 with 8 megs RAM. I was dual-booting OS/2v3 and linux 2.0; I was
unsure which platform I prefered since I had just moved away from
Microsoft. Needless to say, AS played a large part in my eventually
going with linux exclusively- even in 8bpp on an incredibly small
monitor, it was impressive.

Since then, I've played with just about every WM out there, from aewm to
enlightenment. None of them offer the kind of configurability I expect-
if I want to change something, I just edit a file and it's done. Not to
slight the ASCP authors at all, that's a really cool project, but I've
always liked doing things myself. And AfterStep is perfect for that.

I've seen some impressive desktops with the other WMs, but none of them,
I think, have found the right balance between configurability and
responsiveness. I've had enlightenment bring a machine to it's knees
doing simple things like changing desktops with the pager[1]; and while
blackbox is certainly elegant, it doesn't (intentionally) offer the kind
of feature set I look for in a graphical environment. 

So, since my first Slackware install, I've never been able to find a
better WM than AfterStep.

With that said, I'd love to help. My coding skills aren't much at all,
at least not in C (enough to source dive and make minor changes- I'm a
sysadmin, not a coder); but I can read and write, so if you need a
Documentation Pedant, I'd be glad to volunteer. I'd need to familiarize
myself with AS 1.9 of course, since though I've grabbed it from CVS I
haven't actually installed it. *grin*

[1] One could argue that this was the fault of the linux 2.2 VM
problems, but it never happened with AS under higher loads so....

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