Re: openwin color depth config question

Francisco Rojas (
Mon, 19 Mar 2001 13:04:55 -0700 (MST)

You need to first start the Xserver in 24 bit mode and be sure that you
have a 24bit video card. To start the xserver you need to create .xinitrc
file and somewhere in there you need the commands

openwin -dev /dev/fb0 (whatever you buffer is) defclass TrueColor defdepth

afterstep &
xterm -C &


On Mon, 19 Mar 2001, Fred Henning wrote:

> I'm running as 1.8 on sparc (solaris 2.8)--I don't have root perms, so I 
> had to install and point to a different path for the program install, but 
> I got everything (i think ) installed and running--
> However, I can't get as to start at anything greater than 8bpp...I remember 
> back in the day when I had as installed on Linux, that you could force the 
> Xserver to start at other color depths when doing xinit 
> --(colordepth)...But I'm having to go through openwin (I don't think that I 
> have any other options...) so I was wondering this dumn question:  how can 
> I force openwin to open in > 8bpp?
> I can run fvwm95 and get .jpeg backgrounds in full colordepth, so I'm 
> assuming that I should be able to get greater colordepths (and I can get 
> a picture viewer up to view jpeg, etc...) OTOH, the docs on Xsun don't 
> really say--they just say that Xsun24 supports 24bpp...But since anything 
> but CDE is unsupported officially, I haven't really been able to find 
> from our IT guys.  Also, I noticed a little file called 24to8 in the 
> X/bin directory, so mebbe I'm just being spoofed anyways.
> Anyway, to cut off this long story, is there a switch to force the 
> colordepth, or am I SOL?
> TIA, 
> fred 
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