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The idea for libasapp came across many times. I reuse a lot
of code from one applet to another myself. I tried to make
a library once but nothing decent came out of it. It is
very difficult to make a library that will contain only the
things needed and just enough of those. If it is too small -
nobody will use it, if it is too big - nobody will want it.
If you feel like giving it a try - go ahead, I will be happy
to help with what I can.

Another problem is distribution. Should it be distributed 
with AS, with every applet, or completely separately?
This is a question I cannot answer. All three possibilities
look like a bad idea to me...

Anyway, looking forward to new applets :)


On Thu, Mar 15, 2001 at 06:20:23PM -0500, Sean Dague wrote:
> [snip]
> Something I think isn't there, which maybe a good idea, is an applet
> library.  Every applet I look at includes its own xpm for fonts, which seems
> like a huge waste.  Might it be a good idea to have an libasapp or something
> to attempt to encapsulate this?  
> I believe I am going to be gaining clock cycles soon which I would love to
> help in AS work.  (I know I said that about 8 months back, but then I had to
> go to Australia for 2 months.  I really mean it this time :))
> I have ideas for a few applets, which I shall try to get done before getting
> Sasha and others to help me understand the AS 1.9 codebase.
> 	-Sean

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