Re: TitleButtonBalloons
Fri, 09 Mar 2001 09:58:07 -0500 wrote:
> > Is there a way to control the text in a titleButtonBalloon?
> > I added button #5 to my title bar, but no default information
> > was displayed.  The titlebutton help is so terse I assumed it
> > was just reading the mouse click information from the feel file.
> > I would like to add and change the buttons on the title bar and
> > control what is displayed in the titleButtonBallons.  How is this
> > done?
> TitleButtonBalloons only display list of what mouse clicks do what
> there is no way to customize it. You can either turn it on or off.
> I personally do not see any need for any such feature. Anybody care 
> to convince me otherwise ?

    Speaking only for myself, *I* think this would be VERY useful.  
 I occasionally 
forget some of the options on my titlebuttons, mainly the ones which I 
wrote functions for which only display "Function: Button #".  There isn't 
much other reason to HAVE balloons.  Also, the balloons are 
as useful in this as in any context, since by nature, the icons they 
point to are very small and therefore should strive to convey the 
most-used, ie. primary function.  It is seem that the primary purpose of 
the balloons would be to elaberate the functionality of the buttons, 
namely describing secondary and thus less often used and more often forgotten functions as well as user-defined functions.  If Afterstep is 
to remain "The most highly configurable window manager available today 
bar none", this feature should be included if balloons are to be provided.

Jim Turner
Another happy Afterstep abUser.

> > PS.
> > I have spent a few hours in your mail archives and FAQ and have
> > not found an answer to this question.
> > Thank you,
> --
> > Lost Worlds
> > CAS
> Cheers
> Sasha Vasko
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