Re: themes not working

irb (
Sun, 25 Mar 2001 13:58:21 -0800

* James ( [010325 13:46]:
> putting the theme's tarfile into ~/G/L/A/themes
> using

Assuming you've updated the start menu, check the file permissions. 
> Oddly enough the title-bars, feel, and looks don't work but the background
> picture installs itself!
I wonder if it's just a bad theme. Which is it? get it offa
Have you tried other themes?

> I start AS+GNOME by making a .xinitrc that looks like this:
> ---
> afterstep&
> gnome-session

I just run gnome-session and choose AfterStep from the control center;
as a side note, I've always had to change AfterStep.desktop to read
"SessionManaged=false". But this shouldn't be your problem.

xset s off &
xset m 3 3 &


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