Re: strange mozilla behaviour...

Tue, 3 Apr 2001 11:29:07 +0200

On 20010403 10:07 (Tuesday), rupert smith wrote:
> has anyone else noticed mozilla behaving strangely in afterstep? when i 
> open new windows or it pops up dialogs they have a habit of opening on a 
> completely different desk to the one i'm on. it's the only app that 
> seems to behave like this, and i was wondering if anyone could shed any 
> light...

I've got he same behavior, but actually this is a custom behavior that I

Those kinds of appearence on a special desktop are specified in the
"database" file.

Here are the lines specified in my database file
Style   "Mozilla-bin"   Icon mozilla-lone-star-icon.xpm, StartsOnDesk 1
Style   "Netscape"      StartsOnDesk 1

Those associate mozilla-lone-star-icon.xpm with Mozilla windows
and start Netscape and Mozilla in the Desk1, the second from the left.

For more info "man afterstep" and search for "database"


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