Window borders for resizing - Feature request

Sat, 21 Apr 2001 18:25:34 +0200


Back in '98 Ethan has been heard to say :
> Yes, you can get a border around all of your windows.  You cannot use 
> this border to resize your window, however.

Hum well, I'm inclined to think I'm going to ask something that will 
not please everyone...

Yes, I would like to have the possibility to have borders around 
windows for resizing purpose.

I know that it isn't NEXTSTEP-like looking, 
but AfterStep does so much now and is so customizable now 
that it doesn't strike me as a stupid feature request
(especially when I think about the VerticalTitle feature).

So I would like an option to have a little rounded border, kind of like
those that can be seen around the windows of IRIX.
Found this screenshot as an example :

Do you, AS users, miss this feature too ?
And what about you, skilled AS developers, would you be willing to 
implement this feature ?
Since the code is in a high development stage, it is the best time to
ask, isn't it ?


Please don't answer me "if you want it, do it!" because my graphic skills 
are limited to manipulating widget sets and to OpenGL basic.
I'll never have time to learn enough X programming to do it myself.

Marc-Aurčle DARCHE  <>
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