Configuration Questions

Geoff Burling (
Sat, 21 Apr 2001 21:53:06 -0700 (PDT)

I've been pouring over the documentation, & studying the mail archives, 
so I hope it's due to mental overload that I haven't found the answers 
to these two questions:

1) Which config file & which settings specifies where the icons for 
applications are placed? (I've noticed that with the included look files 
the icons can appear in any one of the four corners of the screen.) My 
couriousity is due to the fact when I iconize my rxvt windows, they are 
stored off the screen, & can only be summoned back to the screen where 
I can see them by clicking on winlist.

2) How can I guarrantee a specific feel file will be read by afterstep on
invocation, versuses the first one afterstep finds in 
/usr/share/afterstep/feels?  Or do I have to move/delete all the files in 
that directory?

Thanks in advance,
Geoff Burling

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