Re: asetroot + external application + xv mirrored tiled background

Andrew Ferguson (
Sat, 7 Apr 2001 11:13:40 -0400

On Sat, 07 Apr 2001 05:15:56 wrote:
> MyBackground "mystiqueTile"
>     Use xv "-root -rmode 2 /mnt/multimedia/img/mystique_tile.jpg -quit"
> ~MyBackground

Change it to:

	Use 2 "-root -rmmode 2 /mnt/multimedia/img/mystique_tile.jpg -quit"

and rerun ./configure with --with-imageloader=xv (it defaults to xli), and
then rebuild AfterStep. Looks like this isn't the optimal way to do things,
maybe we can get that fixed. Frankly, asetroot should be able to do
whatever you want builtin, so you could poke around in the manpage some
more. What does -rmmode 2 do?

> "Change it to something else, if you want, in options to..."
> seems to have have been cut out.

Yeah, we're going to do some doc work in the near future. I'll try to
remember to get that fixed.
> In addition the manpage tells to use type 2,
> while AfterStep-1.8.8/doc/code/asetroot.format specifies :
>         Use         [cmd|MyStyle|file]  "args"

I think you should ignore this. The manpage should be more accurate.

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