Re: patch for to set cflags for gdb
Tue, 24 Apr 2001 08:26:44 -0500

> Right now there's no good way to turn off code optimization using
> configure.  It seems like the '--enable-gdb' option should disable
> "-O2".  I know that if you are actually using gdb you can debug
> optimized code.  I just don't find this sane however.  Therefore, this
> patch.  Use it or drop it.  No matter to me.  It is against cvs co
> afterstep-stable as of Mon Apr 23 23:29:32 EDT 2001

That's how it used to be, and what I've seen was that some code works
differently while unoptimized, and thus some bugs would not show up while
debugging unoptimized code, mostly when it is related to stack/heap

-O2 is perfectly safe level and does not do any funky stuff like loop
and function inlining, that may interfere with debugging process. So the
desision has been made to keep -O2 on for debugging.

Thanks alot anyway.

> (__) Doug Alcorn <>


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