Re: AfterStep 1.8.8 in Mandrake 8
Mon, 30 Apr 2001 19:29:11 +0200

> I didn't notice this in the archives so I decided to post.
> Has anyone installed AfterStep on Mandrake 8? I was annoyed that it isn't
> included in the package list, but oh well I can live with that. :)

Yep. Installed it a couple of days ago.

> Compiling and installation went fine but when I ran it, it started doing
> odd things. None of the pixmaps seem to load properly, except the
> background. (under XF86 4.0.3 3d support w/ATI Rage 128) nothing loaded on
> Wharf nor any of the buttons defined for windows. libxpm seems to be fine
> since the background loads with no problems and I can view the images
> through gqview. I checked paths under any config file that used a path and
> everything checked out okay.
> I've done installs of AfterStep in the past with no problems whatsoever so
> I'm clueless as to what this could be. When installing myself I'll
> typically avoid rpm's so I haven't tried that yet.

I had the exact same problems you describe here. The reason it turned out 
was that even though I had specified during installation of Mandrake that 
I wanted my computer to be a development install, almost none of the 
-devel-packages was installed.

During Afterstep compilation the configure script looks for the 
header-files for jpeg, png and xpm libraries. These are in the 
-devel-packages. Install these packages from the Mandrake CD (1) and 
recompile Afterstep. (I don't have the CD right here, so I don't remember 
exactly what packages, but look for libpng, libxpm and jpeg -devel- 

Frank Ronny Larsen

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