Re: asetroot + external application

Sat, 7 Apr 2001 17:50:06 +0200

On 20010407 11:13 (Saturday), Andrew Ferguson wrote:
> Change it to:
> MyBackground
> 	Use 2 "-root -rmmode 2 /mnt/multimedia/img/mystique_tile.jpg -quit"
> ~MyBackground
> and rerun ./configure with --with-imageloader=xv

Works just fine.

> more. What does -rmmode 2 do?
It's -rmode for "root mode", the way to display the image in the root
window. XV doc says about it : 
rmode 2 is the mirrored mode:
Tiles the original image with versions that have been horizontally
flipped, vertically flipped, and both horizontally and vertically
flipped. This gets rid of the sharp dividing lines where tiled images
meet. The effect is quite interesting.
> > "Change it to something else, if you want, in options to..."
> > seems to have have been cut out.
> Yeah, we're going to do some doc work in the near future. I'll try to
> remember to get that fixed.

XV image processings, like mirroring, takes some time though.
Thus the mirrored image, especially when the original is big,
does not appear before a second or so when one shifts from a desktop to
I should have thought about it...
so I'll get back to the default xli image loader, and I'll mirror my
background images with the GIMP before. So the image loader will just 
have to display it's images, but it will do it FAST!

And thank you for your FAST answer Andrew :)

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